Sioux Lookout Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Northumbrian Resort offers a great variety of accommodations as well as great Smallmouth Bass fishing. They have their main lodge strategically located on Abram Lake where Pelican Lake and Abram Lake join so guests can fish both lakes for Smallmouth Bass. You will also have water access to Minnitaki Lake, which is best known for its big hard-fighting Smallmouth Bass. Minnitaki Lake is also the location of their boat-in outpost camp. They have fully equipped lakefront housekeeping cottages that range from two to five bedrooms. Smallmouth Bass are most common in the two to four pound range but in this water system there are many Smallmouth Bass exceeding five pounds with a few that have exceeded six pounds. Smallmouth Bass are easy to catch and if targeting Smallmouth you will catch the bigger ones that are in pairs as well as running into hunting packs and catch one bass after another all afternoon. This water system is considered a top Smallmouth Bass fishing destinations and attracts many Smallmouth Bass fanatics. The closest settlement is Sioux Lookout, Ontario. They also offer fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike, Musky, Lake Trout, Perch and Whitefish.

Fireside Lodge in located in Northwest Ontario and offers terrific Smallmouth Bass Fishing. Smallmouth Bass are extremely common in the 1 to 3-pound range and guests come across schools so large you can catch one bass after another for hours. If you target Smallmouth Bass you should be able to pick up a couple in the 4 to 5-pound range every day. On rare occasions bass as big as 6 or 7-pounds get caught but they are rare. Fireside Lodge offers excellent accommodations, delicious meals, awesome personal service and new equipment along with fabulous Smallmouth Bass fishing in a pristine Wilderness Atmosphere.

Pine Cliff Lodge is located between Sioux Lookout and Dryden, Ontario and on Sandybeach Lake, which is also known as Big Sand Lake. Pine Cliff Lodge offers the very best Smallmouth Bass Fishing in Ontario. Smallmouth Bass are extremely common with many trophy Smallmouth Bass caught every day. Each week a 19 to 22-inch Smallmouth is caught and released. They have clean and comfortable cottages and offer both housekeeping and American Plan. This is where Smallmouth Bass fanatics spend their fishing vacation.

Lac Seul Outpost Lodge has the best Smallmouth Bass fishing in Lac Seul. Smallmouth Bass are not a dominant species in Lac Seul and you can't catch them everywhere. It just happens that the best place to catch Smallmouth Bass I is right by their lodge. If you specifically hunt down Smallmouth you will catch good number as the area around our camp has the greatest numbers. They offer beautiful lakeside cottages that are luxurious to most camps in Northwestern Ontario.