Fireside Lodge in located in Northwest Ontario and offers terrific Smallmouth Bass Fishing. Smallmouth Bass are extremely common in the 1 to 3-pound range and guests come across schools so large you can catch one bass after another for hours. If you target Smallmouth Bass you should be able to pick up a couple in the 4 to 5-pound range every day. On rare occasions bass as big as 6 or 7-pounds get caught but they are rare. Fireside Lodge offers excellent accommodations, delicious meals, awesome personal service and new equipment along with fabulous Smallmouth Bass fishing in a pristine Wilderness Atmosphere.

Lac Seul Outpost Lodge has the best Smallmouth Bass fishing in Lac Seul. Smallmouth Bass are not a dominant species in Lac Seul and you can't catch them everywhere. It just happens that the best place to catch Smallmouth Bass I is right by their lodge. If you specifically hunt down Smallmouth you will catch good number as the area around our camp has the greatest numbers. They offer beautiful lakeside cottages that are luxurious to most camps in Northwestern Ontario.