Kenora Smallmouth Bass Fishing Lodges

Big North Lodge is located on Gun Lake, part of the Winnipeg River System at Minaki, 25 miles north of Kenora, Ontario. Our 5 lakes & river system is famous for outstanding Smallmouth Bass fishing. With 45 miles of lakes & river, Smallmouth Bass are plentiful. Smallmouth Bass are very common in the 1 to 4 pound range but bigger bass in the 5 or 6 pound range do get caught every week and once in a while a monster Smallmouth Bass in the 7 or even close to 8 pounds are taken. Bass that big are very very rare. Our drive-in lodge offers both American Plan and deluxe lakefront Housekeeping cottages with activities for the whole family. Our fly-in outposts on Roger Lake and Maynard Lake both have unbelievable fishing for Smallmouth Bass.

Northwest Outfitters is located on Shoal Lake which is part of Lake Of The Woods. Northwest Outfitters has great Smallmouth Bass fishing and Largemouth Bass fishing. The lake is swarming with Smallmouth Bass up to 6 pounds with Largemouth Bass common in the 1 to 4 pound range but a few old Bucketmouths in the 8-pound range to get caught once in a while. Their main lodge is an outpost lodge, which is only accessible by their high-speed boat service or float plane. They offer American Plan accommodations as well as housekeeping outpost cabins.

Birch Dale Lodge is located on Eagle Lake, south of Waldhof and Vermilion Bay and just west of Dryden. They have outstanding fishing for Smallmouth Bass. In the spring, the main location for spawning is right near their camp. You can catch your limit in a couple of minutes. People go there for the trophies. Smallmouth Bass are common in the 1 to 4-pound range with many 5,6 and 7-pound Smallmouth Being Caught. They offer housekeeping cabins and a restaurant where you can order anything you want and even cook your own steaks.