Atikokan Smallmouth Bass Fishing Lodges

Crystal Beach Resort: - Lakes in Atikokan are well known all over North America for having fantastic Smallmouth Bass fishing. Crystal Lake is no exception with the biggest Smallmouth Bass in the area. Smallmouth Bass can be found in good sizes and great numbers with bass being common in the 1 o 5-pound range and sometimes even 6-pound bass or 7-pound bass being caught. Crystal Beach Resort is a family owned fishing camp with personal and friendly service. They offer beautiful, clean and comfortable accommodations at a reasonable price.

Seine River Lodge is located near Atikokan, Ontario and between Quetico Provincial Park and the White Otter Wilderness Preserve. They have outstanding fishing for Smallmouth Bass. In actual fact, the Smallmouth Bass fishing is so popular that their business has been booming. These lakes were turned into a park because of the magnificent rock structures that can be found in the area. Not only does this create beauty, it created the perfect habitat for Smallmouth bass to proliferate in unprecedented numbers and size. 4 and 5-pound Smallmouth Bass are common and a lucky few will catch them over 7 pounds and sometimes 8-pounders get caught but they are rare and usually too smart to get caught. They offer housekeeping and American Plan lakeside fishing cabins as well as a campground fpr tenters and RVs. They are also one of the biggest deep wilderness canoe trip outfitters in the region.